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Common Laws
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Return and Exchange

FastShop does not bear responsibility for any problems that may have arisen after the dispatcher has departed, except in cases where the defect is functional and has been detected during use.

External quality compliance of each product is to be checked at the time of delivery, in the presence of the sender. For this reason, please be sure to check the item in the presence of the carrier and in case of any flaws, make a refund on the spot or require replacement of the same product with the same or similar product.

In case of damaged product return, the full amount of the order is returned, including the shipping cost. In case of replacement, replacement of replacement product is free of charge.

In some cases, when the product you have purchased has a warranty service, the replacement and refund are performed on the warranty card and on warranty terms. In some cases, when the amount of the delivery is discounted or the service is provided free of charge within the scope of the promotional offer, the refund will be charged based on the shipping rate applicable to that region.

How to Order

  • After registration, go to PERSONAL PAGE to enter your address. You can also enter your shipping addresses If you have not yet filled out your shipping address, you can do so when you place your order
  • Choose your preferred product from many stores and specialized stores;
  • Click on the "Order" button to order the item. If you want to buy a few items of the same item, enter the number in the box next to it.
  • Make an online order via the site or by calling +37455626212 +37493151839 +37443577534;
  • "Payment Details" - fill in the requested data in the field, Payment Method: Payment on the spot, after delivery, in cash.
  • Your order is fixed. You will be contacted by our shipping service. You can also make a call by calling +374 55 62-62-12 +374 93 15-18-39 +374 43-57-75-34.


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